Insulclip is proud to support God’s Little Blessings

God's Little Blessings
Insulclip announces that the company will move forward in 2021 in support of God’s Little Blessings™, a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance for children who have chronic or potentially terminal illnesses that may progress if not treated. Treatments for some of these health conditions are curable, while others may need to focus on improving the comfort and quality of life for terminal illnesses
“Our donations will be provided by proceeds driven by The Cozy Clip™, our worldwide product solution that leads the construction industry”, said Craig DiPetrillo, President of Insulclip, and inventor of the The Cozy Clip™. Insulclip will be supporting this cause by sales of The Cozy Clip™ to Wholesaler’s, by Retailers, and Shareholders.“  We are thrilled to be part of such a great cause to give these children hope and direction for a better life,” said Craig.
InsulClip further announced that the company will sell its shares and give opportunity to investors to become shareholders of the company while still private. These shares will establish dividends in the future.
The proceeds from the shares sold will establish additional donations for God’s Little Blessings™, which will create monetary grants by the same donations received. For more information on share ownership of Insulclip, please call (401) 262-5888, or email us at

How to Donate to God’s Little Blessings

To make a donation to God’s Little Blessings™, call 401-404-4904 or send an email to Together, we will build the pathway of hope for children and their families in need.