God's Little Blessings

We Support God’s Little Blessings™

God’s Little Blessings™ creates a pathway of hope for the children we love dearly. We are a nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance for children who have chronic or potentially terminal illnesses, that may progress if not treated. Treatments for some of these health conditions are curable, while others may need to focus on improving the comfort and quality of life for terminal illnesses. Through monetary grants, we are able to provide another pathway for the families of these children, who might not otherwise have the means to pay for the care or medical treatment their child needs.

Established in 2020, God’s Little Blessings™ receives donations from individuals, corporations, businesses, and revenue profit streams. These donations will help to provide the care that is needed for families who may be struggling to help to save their child’s life, or give them the comfort and care they need during a terminal illness.
We feel that children are the most precious and innocent gift that we can receive. Together, we can make a difference, and allow these families to receive the blessing that they so hope for.
We ask that you consider donating to God’s Little Blessings™ so that we may continue to help children and families in need of financial assistance. Your contribution will provide a pathway of hope for families during a very difficult time. To contribute, please call us at 401-404-5904 or email us at Info@GodsLittleBlessings.org

Become a Contributor or Apply for a Grant by contacting us now.