About InsulClip:
Forever Insulated & Recognized by ICC

The Cozy Clip
made in U.S.A

A World Leader in Pipe Clamp Designs

InsulClip is a privately owned company that was established in late 2020 producing a thermally pre-insulated pipe clamp for polyethylene (PEX) tubing.

InsulClip, the world leader with its one-of-a-kind energy-efficient patented design, The Cozy Clip, reserves the trademark secrets and full patents in several countries, including the United States, Germany, Europe, and Canada.

Introduction to the Designer

Craig J. DiPetrillo, entrepreneur and designer, holds a background in architectural and engineering, as well as maintaining his certification in code enforcement as a Rhode Island State building inspector.
With his extensive knowledge in the building field, Craig applied it all to his design and development of the Thermally Pre-Insulated Pipe Clamp.
He first discovered the need for such a product during a mandatory Building Officials conference, which was conducted in Warwick, RI, in early 2013. The primary purpose of this meeting was to familiarize code enforcement officials with the then-coming 2017 Energy Conservation Code.
Craig DiPetrillo
The Cozy Clip

An Alternative Product Solution

The professor conducting the seminar acknowledged that Rhode Island, along with The International Code Council (ICC), has rightfully adopted several insulation codes into law, but at the time there were no products in existence on the market to support the active building code assembly of polyethylene (PEX) tubing water lines and extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe clamps.
This has made it difficult for code officials to enforce as it is mandated and reads: “Pipe insulation shall be continuous except where the piping passes through a framing member” within the Energy Conservation Code. With no alternative product solution that is recognized by The International Code Council, this has become a worldwide matter.
International Code Council