Recognized by the International Code Council (ICC)Press Release by the Board of Advisors for InsulClip • Jan 12, 2021

The polyethylene pre-insulated clamp (aka The Cozy Clip),  is recognized by the International Code Council

The International Code Council (ICC) has recognized the Thermally pre-insulated pipe clamp, supplied by Insulclip, with a ICC-ES Listing Report and a Marketing Claim Verification, both assigned by the Evaluating Standard Listing Committee in July 2020.
It was in 2018 that the inventor, Craig DiPetrillo, first brought his one-of-a-kind product solutions, a pre-insulated polyethylene clamp for the plumbing industry, directly to the annual assembly of the ICC code committee for lobbying.
 “After seven long years of dedication, the goal (development) was reached and the world is now going to know about it”, said Craig.
Through the years, many have reached out in support of the pre-insulated pipe clamp, and have shown their support by speaking at various code adopting committees regarding the clamp. “Where insulation or air barriers are required by this code, they shall be continuous at hangers for hot and cold mechanical and plumbing piping”, claims Stephen Turner, President of Stephen Turner, Inc.
The product continues to be discussed at building code conferences, allowing those code officials to be informed of what is coming that will allow the industry to meet the code in a much simpler manner. “Continuous piping insulation, at the hangers, is very important for energy conservation”, claims John P. Leyden, C.B.O., RI State Building Code Commissioner. The Thermally pre-insulated pipe clamp, now known as The Cozy Clip™, has been patented in four countries and ready for manufacturing beginning the Summer of 2021. Be sure to look out for it!

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